Police post photos of drunk drivers on Facebook

By Coconuts BangkokApril 23, 2013 / 11:52 ICT

Metropolitan police have started to take drunk driving more seriously. Apart from traffic tickets issued at checkpoints, drunk drivers will now likely face public embarrassment, as their photos will be posted on Facebook.

Metropolitan Police deputy chief Pol Maj Gen Worasak Noppasitthiporn this Saturday released the first photoset of drunk drivers on his Facebook public page, allowing his 22,000 Facebook fans to browse through the 71 photos. The album attracted 90 likes from  netizens.

Worasak’s move follows closely on a wave of public skepticism regarding the traffic police’s alleged double standards in regards to drunk driving citations. Last week, a model posted a photo that she took with a police officer, boasting that she was not punished, despite a breathalyzer test that revealed she had consumed a large amount of alcohol.

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