Asoke celebrity kitty loses cat fight

By Coconuts BangkokNovember 15, 2013 / 11:39 ICT

 Someone must have been jealous of that handsome prince of Asoke intersection’s celebrity.

This morning fans of Asoke Cat, the orange-and-white tabby usually found lording or snoozing it up living below the Asoke BTS station, were shocked by a viral photo showing what appears to be horrible wounds sustained by the Sir with the Fur.

His nearly 47,000 online fans will be happy to know that, despite what appear to be mortal injuries, his fluffiness is expected to recover, as he is receiving medical attention following an assault by a feline pretender to the throne.

Apparently Bangkok’s Top Cat Model had been losing a lot of weight and was taken to veterinarian after thousands of netizens heard about his illness, which explains his new rugged shaved-and-scarred look.

The admin of a cat lover page posted photos of Asoke Cat on his way to receive treatment last night and said the celeb lost three teeth and is suffering from inflamed conjunctiva because he was scratched in the eyes. Asoke Cat is now recovering peacefully at an undisclosed hospital to protect his privacy.

Prince on his way to recieve medical treatment

For those of you that don't know much about this adorable specimen of cat-awesome, Asoke Cat is a celebrity stray cat which has been filmed, Instagrammed and followed by thousands of fans.

Photos: Kingdom of Tiger Nutch

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