¡Fiesta Fiesta! A Latin Night of fun for charity

By Coconuts BangkokNovember 13, 2012 / 16:49 ICT

There’s a fiesta happening this Friday night that you should know about; it promises to both be muy divertido and the proceeds go to a good cause.

It’s called A Latin Night, and it’s put on by the folks from Beyond Boundaries, a group dedicated to providing shelter, education and sustenance to orphans and children of migrant workers from Myanmar crossing the border into Thailand in search of a better future.

The fiesta kicks off at 7:30 at the Siam Center on Asoke Road, with two hours of complementary cocktails and canapés. The night then gets cranking with the sounds of Dr. Salsa and a Latin dance performance.

Tickets are on sale here, señores and señoras are asked to buy them in advance.

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