Quince throwing a 'thank you' jam

By Coconuts BangkokNovember 13, 2012 / 15:53 ICT

Quince Eatery & Bar on Sukhumvit 45 is having a thank you party this Thursday night to celebrate three months in existence.

A message from Quince:

To THANK YOU for your support, appreciation, patience, understanding, encouragement, constructive criticism, curiosity, advice, interest, love and care during these 3 first incredible months made of responsible chewing, misplaced orders, memorable dining experiences, dishes gone cold, boozy nights, anger, joy, undercooked fish, overcooked meats, tears, laughters, culinary epiphanies and so on... We would like to throw a small party with a live band, some DJs and a barbecue in the garden. 

Sounds like fun... Click HERE for our profile on Quince chef Jess Barnes.

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