US and Thailand to sign military cooperation pact when Obama visits Bangkok

By Coconuts BangkokNovember 12, 2012 / 17:46 ICT

Thailand and the United States will sign a joint statement on military cooperation during the upcoming visit to Bangkok by President Barack Obama, a Thai government spokesman said today.

The cabinet approved the 2012 Joint Vision Statement for the Thai-US Defence Alliance which will be officially signed by the defence ministers of the two countries.

Deputy government spokesman Pakdiharn Himathongkam said the statement will focus on Thai-US partnership on security in Southeast Asia, stability in the Asia-Pacific region, development of capability and preparedness in bilateral and multilateral operations, and cooperation on every aspect.

In the meantime, US security and diplomatic officials met with Thai officials and discussed preparations and security measures for President Obama’s visit which also marks the 180th anniversary of Thai-US relations.

Mr Obama will visit Myanmar before attending the ASEAN Summit in Cambodia. He is scheduled to arrive in Bangkok on Sunday.


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